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It's all good! No pasa nada...

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It's all good! No pasa nada...

I'm a Nomad Digital Arts Generalist that has been traveling the world since march 2020. Yes during the Pandemic we made more money than we had done in years before. It was the perfect storm to drop the 9-5 and become our own bosses. I say our because after I quit my job, my wife lost hers. This burned our boats and left us in a world crisis where no one is working or offering jobs. 

Being in the game industry for a while I decided to leverage my internet friends and research the possibilities. I stumbled upon the largest gold pot I've seen in a while, everyone was online and BORED. 

So I took it as it was and I ran with it. I focused on online networking, bought a ton of courses to improve my skillset and started to land 4 digit gigs. In a matter of 3 months my income doubled from what I earned in my corporate marketing 9-5. 

My wife joined me and doubled her income as a private nanny in 2 months. We saved so much money in 3 months that we was able to pick up and move to Mexico. And this is where it got real good, what a lovely country and people. Coming from the Caribbean it felt very close to home. While in Mexico our income hit a bit of a stale, not gonna lie... We was so happy we kinda splurged a bit of our savings eating out, with nice BnBs etc... We was working about 3 hours a day, making 3 times what we made with our 60 hours workweek jobs. The best part was that we had total control of our time. We have watched our daughter grow each day with the miracle of time freedom. 


Now that's a bit of my journey to be financially independent. I'm Andi, and I want to show you what I did. And honestly I will sell it to you.... 


You read right, I will sell it to you. Because the first lesson is that free is a myth, there's cheap, expensive and rarely fair. You need to understand that this will cost you, and money is the least of what you have to be willing to pay.  

We have paid in sweat, tears, stress, even sickness. We've have exhausted our options and finally landed somewhere that we can rip the benefits. 

So without any more funnel chatter, choose your path!

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Artist Sketching


Simple, efficient, plan... Everything starts with the process of laying down the road towards any goal. 

Artist Sketching


No secret here, when you plan you act. But there is an efficient way, and that's what you'll learn.

Artist Sketching


It's not having the Jet is maintaining it. One day you'll be able to let it run and enjoy procrastination. But until then, your work needs Maintenance. 

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